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Commercial Wardrobe Styling, Costumes & Mascot Design

Specializing in Commercial, film, television and print, Nicole has an uncanny ability to translate a director’s vision into reality through the language of costuming and design.

Top: Photo: Nicola Borland.  Above left: Fashion shoot for Smashbox/Protogenics; Photo Jim Paussa.  

Above right: Kentucky Lotto. Below: Oscar Meyer Hotdogs

Styling & Design Commercials Commercials

The world of costume design and wardrobe styling is an exciting arena filled with fabulous clothes and glamorous people. In fact, the red carpets and flashing lights make it all feel like a real-life fairy tale!

If a career in this marvelous field is something you’ve always dreamed of, then The Fantabulous Girl’s Guide to Wardrobe Styling is exactly what you need. This detailed book will provide you with all the essential tools to jump right into the entertainment business and start creating your own incredible designs, looks, and costumes—rather than spending years as an assistant.

With insider’s information on subjects such as marketing yourself, networking at industry events, getting hired, working with celebrities and directors, and building relationships with fashion designers, author Nicole Beckett offers you practical, no-nonsense advice and personal anecdotes gleaned from her years of experience.